J-link OB ARM emulator debugger programmer downloader V8 SWD

J-link OB ARM emulator debugger programmer downloader V8 SWD

JLINK V8 debugger J-LINK arm cortex XMC simulation downloader Debugger Emulator

J-Link V8 is to support the simulation of ARM core chip introduced JTAG emulator. Support all ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M3 core chip simulation, through the RDI interface and the integrated development environment seamlessly, easy to operate, easy to connect, easy to learn, is the IAR Learning to develop ARM the best and most practical development tools.

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Product Specifications

 This is an Original Identical Clone.
  1. The Module uses JLINK_V8 original firmware, support for automatic upgrades, support KEIL5.
  2. Apply and refer to original JLINK_V8 circuit principle, circuit layout, line alignment.
  3. Power circuit using large-capacity non-polar capacitor as a filter.
  4. The USB housing is connected in parallel through a resistor and capacitor.
  5. Use a red and green two-color LED to indicate the internal work status (green light indicates working status, red light indicates reset state).
  6. SWD and JTAG support 1.2-5V voltage.
  7. Dual protection: JLinkUSB port esd protection ic offers full protection.
  8. JLINK_V8 high current 8550 transistor 1.5A, to ensure that the power on command can output 400ma current.
  9. Machine patch production, strict quality inspection, product quality 100% qualified.

Product features

  1. USB2.0 interface
  2. Support for ARM7 / 9/11, Cortex-A5 / A8 / A9, Cortex-M0 / M1 / M3 / M4, Cortex-R4 core
  3. Supports Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
  4. Supports Serial Wire Viewer (SWV)
  5. Download speeds up to 720kb / s
  6. DCC mode up to 800kb / s
  7. Can be integrated seamlessly with IAR Workbench, Keil, ADS, RVDS
  8. No external power supply, through the USB power
  9. The maximum JTAG speed is 12MHz
  10. Automatic identification of the kernel
  11. Speed automatic identification
  12. Supports adaptive clocking
  13. Can monitor all JTAG signals, automatically adapt to the target board voltage
  14. Support multi-core debugging
  15. Fully plug and play
  16. Including a 20-pin standard JTAG connector
  17. Support 1.2V ~ 5V target board voltage
  18. Including USB and 20-pin flat cable
  19. Support for future cache tracing Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB)
  20. You can choose online programming, programming FLASH software
  21. The RDI plug-in makes J-Link suitable for any RDI-compliant debugger such as ADS, Relview, IAR, and so on
  22. With J-Link TCP / IP server, allows the use of J-Link over a TCP / IP network

 Supported Operating Systems

  •  Microsoft Windows XP 
  •  Windows 7 
  •  Windows 7 x64

Supported softwares

  •  Direct support ADS, IAR, KEIL, WINARM, REALVIEW and other development environment

Supported devices

  •   Support all with JTAG interface ARM7, ARM9 series embedded microcontroller 
  •  Supports all Cortex-M series embedded microcontrollers with JTAG / SWD interface
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